3 Oct, 2019
First Home Buyers Grant In QLD
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The First Home Owners Grant (FHOG) is a State Government initiative, which assists First Home Buyers into purchasing their first home.

If you’ve never owned a property, and you’re either ‘building’ or ‘buying a brand-new home’ in Queensland then you are most likely eligible for the $15,000 Queensland First Home Owners Grant.

The grant is not available for the purchase of existing properties in Queensland, except for properties that have been:

  • Substantially renovated before you buy it;
  • Not lived in since the renovation was completed; and
  • The seller must be registered for GST.

For substantially renovated properties, it is advisable for you to fully understand the definition of substantially renovated, to ensure the property qualifies. Furthermore, you will need to satisfy yourself that the seller is registered for GST and selling the property in the course of their business. You must obtain a tax invoice showing the GST component of the renovated works and a statement from the seller, which confirms that the property has not been occupied or sold since the renovation.

The key factor for qualifying is that you have never owned any share in a property in your personal name in Australia in the past.

TIP If you are building your new home, it is important that you purchase a block of land before signing a building contract.

At the time of applying for the FHOG requires supporting documentation, your signed contract to buy or build and an application form. The QLD Government provides a full checklist of what is required for your application. Either a Mortgage Broker or a Lawyer can assist you with an application if necessary.

At the moment, there is no end date to the Queensland State Government grant.

When Will I Receive Money For The First Homeowner’s Grant?

Payment of the $15,000 first homeowners grant occurs at different times depending on how and when you applied for it and on the type of property you are buying or building.

If you are building your first home, you will receive your $15,000 grant when the builder pours the concrete slab for your new home (also referred to as the slab stage). The money is not paid directly to your account but through your lender. The Queensland Office of State Revenue will transfer the grant to the lender and your lender will then pay the second payment to your builder.

If you are buying your first home off the plan, you will receive your $15,000 grant when your property settles.