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    There are lots of reasons why we don’t find the time to Refinance a Home Loan or Refinance an Investment Loan. Day to day time pressures of work, kids, sport and family generally leaves us little time to follow the financial markets which are constantly influencing interest rates and the deals offered by lenders. What must be considered that often a .05% change in interest rates can have a significant reduction on the term of your Home Loan. Refinancing A Home Loan or Refinancing an Investment Loans is possible due to the ongoing changes in rates by lenders in the marked. There are many reasons why lenders will change your rate of interest including changes by the Reserve Bank, availability of money in the market and the lenders desire for profit. The entry of new banks into the industry has also increased competition resulting in more viability in the market, more competitive rates and consumers are taking advantage of this by Refinancing Their Home Loans. Refinancing results in saving on the amount of interest you pay to the bank. Once you refinance, you can either bank the savings in repayments or you can continue to pay the same amount which means you will pay the loan quicker and pay much less in interest. Depending on your financial position, refinancing and existing loan may create an opportunity for further investment or a second property.
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    What Refinance Cashback Offers​ are available?

    Refinance your home loan and you could be eligible for up to $6,000 cashback. (*Conditions Apply)

    * IMPORTANT NOTE: All cashback offers have expiry dates. Each lender will have specific requirements to qualify for a cashback. Call us now so we can guide you through the fine print.

    AMP Limited logo

    Upto $4000

    Expires 31/03/22


    Upto $4000

    Availalble until further notice


    Upto $3000

    Expires 30/04/23

    Bank of Queensland

    Upto $3000

    Availalble until further notice

    commonwealth bank

    Upto $2000

    Expires 31/12/23


    Upto $5000

    Expires 30/04/23


    Upto $4000

    Expires 30/04/23


    Upto $3000

    Expires 31/05/23

    ME Bank

    Upto $4000

    Expires 28/02/23

    mystate logo

    Upto $3000

    Expires 31/03/23

    NAB Loans

    Upto $2000

    Availalble until further notice

    St George Bank logo

    Upto $4000

    Expires 31/08/23

    Refinance Cashback Offers

    Upto $4000

    Expires 30/03/23

    Westpac Banking Corporation Logo

    Upto $3500

    Expires 30/04/23


    Upto $5000

    Expires 30/04/23

    Saving On Your Existing Home Loan is As Simple as 1,2,3,4

    We Analyse Your Existing Loan

    We Understand Your Specific Lending Requirements

    We Compare Products That Suit You In The Market

    We Produce A Report Showing You Savings & Recommend an Option

    Our Loan Health Check Is FREE and Takes Less Than 48 Hours

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    Another reason for Refinancing Your Home Loan or Refinancing an Investment Loan is to take advantage of a fantastic fixed interest rate which can provide some stability and predictability in your monthly repayments. This strategy can establish predictability in your repayments and may provide opportunities to fund another investment.

    Brisbane Home Loan Finance Specialists are your eyes and ears in the market on a daily basis ensuring that they monitor your loan and immediately let you know when there is an opportunity to save money. You decide if you want to take advantage of the saving and Refinance. If you chose to Refinance, we will ensure the transition is stress free.

    Brisbane Home Loans Finance Specialists have access to more than 40 financial institutions daily. Our Mission is to help our clients create long-term financial success and we specialise in loan refinancing to achieve this.

    Our Finance Specialists will assess your situation and provide you a report identifying any opportunities available to you and the associated savings. This is a Free Service that we provide to our client.

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    YOU’RE IN GOOD HANDS – We take the stress out of Refinancing a Home Loan or Refinancing An Investment Loan.

    No Strings Attached and It’s FREE

    We Can Asess Your Existing Loan and Report Back How Much You Can Save in Less Than 48 Hours.

    FREE LOAN HEALTH CHECK – Our loan health check compares your current interest rate and fees against what we can obtain for you if you refinance.

    How We Assist Our Clients


    Initial Meeting to Gather Information


    We conduct a Market Assessment


    We identify products that suit your needs


    We produce a benefit analysis (Loan Health Check Report)


    Second meeting to present the Health Check Report for your approval


    We gather all necessary documents and lodge application


    We finalise your new loan

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • Refinancing means to replace the current existing loan on your property with one from either the same lender or a different lender.

    • Currently interest rates are at historical lows, so securing those rates in can be beneficial. Having products with facilities such as offset accounts or redraw facilities can also help to have you Home Loan working for you, as opposed to against you

    • Depending on each individual circumstance, there are fees attached, however, the fees are always disclosed to you during the initial interview. Before lodging the application we discuss with you the savings and improvement in terms versus any fees.

    • When considering refinancing, consulting our specialists can open up a range of options to you that you may not have thought about. Things such as drawing down on equity in your property to pay for any needed renovations, or to finally get away on that family holiday.

    • Up to $6000 available until 30/04/22. Lenders sometimes offer a cashback to you in a bid to attract you as a new customer when you are looking to refinance your existing home loan. The cash bonus is usually made directly to your account either just after settlement or at a specified time within a few months.

    • Your Brisbane Home Loan Broker is your personal finance specialist. We will guide you through the process to ensure that you are aware of all the costs involved in the home loan products that you qualify for.  Whilst a cash bonus is very tempting, we will ensure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision about the best home loan product to suit your needs. Some lenders offering cashback also have a great rate available.

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    Brisbane Home Loans is all about good old fashioned personal service without exception.

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    We take the time to listen to your needs and then search the market for the best products that satisfies your needs at the lowest possible cost to you.

    Ongoing Comittment

    We continue to work for you after the deal is finished, ensuring that we asess any new offers that become available which may improve your current deal.

    One Stop Lending

    We give our clients access to Personal Loans, Home Loans, Investment Loans and Commercial Loans. You always only deal with on person for all your lending services.

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    Customers Testimonials

    Customers Testimonials

    It was Our First Home and We had No Idea. Thanks to The Team From Brisbane Home Loans
    Daniel and the team at Brisbane Home Loans were super helpful and friendly to me as it was my first home loan and I had no idea! They answered all my questions and were very hardworking. Would definitely recommend to a friend.

    Tom Harvey

    They Made Buying Our First Home Easy and Fun. Thanks
    The team at Brisbane Home loans have been super helpful and extremely professional to assist us with all our first home questions. will be recommending them to everyone I know looking to buy!

    Nathan Cook

    Thanks for Helping me Turn my Dream into a Reality
    Service was great, very informative and kept me up to date on all progress and all steps. Follow up after it was all done and dusted was also great. Took the stress out of it which was a great help for my busy life. I would totally recommend Dan and Jordan to anyone.

    Emma Schefe


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