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    Our Best Mortgage Broker Helping You Save Thousands

    Owning a home is the great Australian dream, and all prospective buyers must eventually consider how homeownership can provide the stability their families deserve. If you’re planning to secure a home loan, we are among the highly regarded mortgage brokers Brisbane residents trust. For all things related to residential home loans, know that you’re just a phone call away from finding expert counsel to help with your decision-making.

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    Refinance Home Loans Brisbane

    Brisbane Home Loans is a specialist mortgage broker for Home Loans and investment property loans. We offer competitive rates and the most impressive top-shelf service. We pride ourselves on helping locals buy homes even when the times are difficult. Check out our client reviews to see what past clients are saying about us. Our mortgage broker offers competitive rate for refinancing home loan and investment property loan.

    Once you’re happy with our first home loan, we can help you with all your financing needs as we are a one-stop-shop for all your financing requirements, be they for residential, investment, business, commercial, equipment, or automobile. Our experienced Brisbane mortgage brokers have tremendous knowledge of the lending industry and can easily identify the best lender and product in the market that suits your financial situation, which results in our clients getting the best deal with little effort.

    Home loan Brisbane
    Home loan Brisbane

    Why Choose Brisbane Home Loans?

    • Impressive Customer Ratings
    • We do all the Groundwork
    • Most Recommended Mortgage Broking Experts
    • Experts in Home Loan Refinance
    • We’re There for You, Not the Banks
    • We Work According to your Convenience
    • We Make What Appears Impossible, Possible
    • We Are There For You Even After Your Loan Is In Place

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    We Promise “Good Old Fashioned Service Every Time”

    We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service to our clients and want to help ensure you get the best home loan on the market. Don’t get overwhelmed with complex financial jargon by talking to multiple lenders. Here at Brisbane Home Loans, our mortgage broker speaks directly to lenders on behalf of our clients to ensure you are getting the best rates without the unnecessary finance talk.

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    40 Lenders we work with. Let us Help You Find the Right Loan!

    With industry connections to over 40 different lenders, our mortgage broker works hard to get you the right loan. We listen to our customers and analyse loans from each lender to ensure your loan meets your financial needs. No matter how complex your situation, Brisbane Home Loan will get you the best home loan rate on the market.

    Your Brisbane Mortgage Broker & Refinance Specialist will -

    Listen and Evaluate Your Needs

    Calculate How Much You Can Borrow

    Compare Options Available to You in The Market

    Provide You Expert Advice

    Do All The Leg Work

    Obtain Pre-Approval For You

    Create A Plan For You To Ensure You Stay Competitive In The Market

    Most Importantly We Provide This at No Cost To You

    Mortgage Broker Brisbane for fast approvals & no hassles

    We remove the stress for you by taking care of the nitty-gritty details and the complicated bits to ensure you have access to the most competitive home loan offerings in the market that suit your specific needs. Our Brisbane Mortgage Broker will keep you informed through the entire process.

    We don’t stop here! After your loan is in place, we will monitor your loan rates regularly to ensure they continue to be competitive in the market, so you can continue to reap the benefits, even years after the loan settles. At Brisbane Home Loans, we aim to reduce the pressures of attaining finance for your first home, first investment or when choosing to refinance. Good old-fashioned service the way it used to be.

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    Why Use Brisbane Home Loans for Mortgage Home Loan?

    • We work with a panel in excess of 43 lenders
    • We have more options for loans than any one bank
    • We are 100% interested in getting the best deal for our client not the lender
    • Our service is second to none
    • We do all the hard work. We find the right deal, prepare the paperwork and manage the loan application for you
    • We constantly keep you up to speed on progress

    Talk to our Friendly Mortgage Brokers Today

    Brisbane Home Loan is a family-run business that has helped many clients around Brisbane, the Gold Coast, and the Sunshine Coast with their loans. It doesn’t matter if you are in the market for a first home loan, looking to refinance a home loan or enquiring about our business loans, our mortgage brokers are here to help. Get in touch with Brisbane Home Loan today by calling (07) 3889 9250 and speak to a mortgage broker about our loan services today.

    Why Brisbane Locals Trust Us?

    Impressive Customer Ratings

    We put you first because we genuinely want you to have your dream property!

    We Work According to your Convenience

    We understand that busy lifestyles leave little time to shop around and to attend meetings, therefore, our mortgage broker is available at your convenience, including after hours.

    We’re There for You, Not the Banks

    We do not charge a fee for our financial services, our mortgage broker fee often comes from the lender.

    Expert Mortgage Broker in Brisbane

    Our relationship with more than 43 Lenders and our experience in the industry, allows us to have access to a large number of options for your loan. This allows us to listen to your needs and find the loan that best accommodates what you need for the ideal residential home loan.

    We Make What Appears Impossible, Possible

    When deals are difficult, our mortgage broker works even harder for clients. Our clients are always satisfied that we leave no stone unturned.

    We Are There For You Even After Your Loan Is In Place

    After settlement, we become your friend, not just your Mortgage Broker because we really do care. With more lenders and increased competition, there is always opportunity to get better rates. We monitor your loan after it settles and continue to work for you.

    Join our First Home Buyers Club

    The first home buyers club allows anyone considering their first home, to join and become eligible to receive regular updates and information from our panel of Financial Specialists, Lending Experts, Lawyers, Property Specialists and Real Estate Agents

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does Brisbane Home Loans Save You Money?

    There is a natural tendency to borrow from the bank that has your savings account without considering other options. The lending industry is very competitive and many lenders hungry for your business.

    Getting the best deal is about the rate, the overall fees and the flexibility for the loan to meet your future financial and investment needs. Our Finance Specialists are always up to date with new products, deals available and incentives provided by all lenders. They are also aware of any negative costs associated with specific products at any one time. This expertise provides savings to our clients as we find the right deal for you. Over time these savings, can result in significant financial benefit to you.

    How Does Brisbane Home Loans Help Get My Loan Approved?

    How your loan is presented matters and so does the lender chosen for your specific loan. The same loan presented differently can be approved or declined. Our Mortgage Broker Brisbane knows what it takes to get your loan application approved by the right lender.

    If necessary, our Mortgage Broker Brisbane will work with you and offer suggestions of what could be done to improve your financial position prior to applying for a loan. Any potential deterrents to approval are identified and discussed with options provided to remove them.

    How much can I borrow?

    Often this is the first question we’re asked. Our Mortgage Broker can help you work out how much you can borrow. Often, the answer can differ by lender as their policies differ greatly. We provide our clients multiple options available and explain the differences, so that you can make an informed decision.

    What is a Pre-Approval?

    A pre-approval provides clients an indication of the maximum amount of money that a lender will allow you to borrow. A pre-approval provides comfort of what you can borrow and allows you to negotiate your dream home with confidence. Pre-approvals are generally limited to timeframes but can be extended. Online pre-approvals are generally only indicative. Brisbane Home Loans can arrange a pre-approval for you at no cost.

    Can I be Confident That You Will Do Everything Possible to Secure A Loan?

    The lending industry is complex which changes daily as individual lenders modify their lending policies and their appetite for specific types of loans. At times, circumstances surrounding a specific client can add difficulty and complexity to your loan.

    This requires expertise to identify the right lender and product specifically for your property and your loan. This takes time and experience. We don’t shy away from complex deals and work effortlessly for our clients providing the deal is possible.

    How do We Get Paid?

    We receive a commission from the lender once the loan has been drawn. This is the case for 95% of our loans. In specific situations, depending on the size of the loan, the term of the loan and the complexity of the loan, we may charge a fee for service, however this is rare, and we always disclose this to our client’s up front.

    How Does Brisbane Home Loans Assist First Home Buyers?

    Buying your first home can be exciting, complex and terrifying at the same time. Brisbane Home Loans provides First Home Buyers guidance and support in their journey through the First Home Buyers Club.

    We offer assistance in identifying strategies for savings a deposit and also understanding the options available to you as a First Home Buyers, through grants, superannuation savings and deposit guarantees that will assist you.