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    Leading Mortgage Broker in Caloundra

    Brisbane Home Loans is a specialist Mortgage broker for home loans and investment property loans. The team has sound knowledge and experience in the city of Caloundra and surrounding areas.

    We offer competitive rates and the most impressive top shelf service. We pride ourselves on helping clients in the market to purchase a house in Caloundra, Pelican Waters, ‘Currimundi, Kings Beach, Caloundra South and all other surrounding suburbs of Caloundra.

    Brisbane home loans are passionate about getting loans approved. We work hard to get your loan approved even when the deal is difficult, or when the individual circumstances aren’t perfect. Our approval rating reflects this and has remained in a constant surplus of 97%. Many of our past clients have spoken about this quality and we encourage you to look at past client’s reviews on Google and Facebook.

    In the event that you’re looking to purchase your dream home but your finances don’t support it, there’s no need to worry! We won’t close our door on you and instead, our finance specialists will explain the reasons why a lender would not approve the loan. Then they will work with you to establish a plan that will help overcome the problem and get you into your dream home as soon as possible.

    Like many other Australians, you might’ve established your mortgage more than 3 years ago. Which means there is a possibility that the current rates in the market are lower than what you are paying. Our finance specialists have helped hundreds of clients get a better deal for their loan. The team will only encourage you to refinance if it makes sense and where it reduced the interests you pay on your loan. Depending on your specific situation, we often find ways of funding costs of refinancing your loan with another lender.

    Brisbane home loans can help with all your financing needs. We provide clients with a one-stop solution for all their financing requirements, from residential, investment, business, car loans, asset finance and commercial. Our team of finance specialists have industry-leading knowledge and can help you secure the right loan and rate for your needs in Caloundra and surrounding areas.

    Your Caloundra Mortgage Broker Specialist Jordan Sorbello is happy to meet you at a convenient location at a time that suits you, even if it’s outside of normal business hours. Our mission is to be there for our clients personally when they need us. Even after the loans is established, we continue to care for our clients and provide the highest level of service.

    If you’re interested in buying your first home in Caloundra but still need to save for that deposit, we offer a tremendous service that will get you into your first home sooner. Join our First Home Buyers Club and be part of a club of individuals that receive regular hints and tips from specialists, that will assist you on your journey to your First Home in Caloundra.

    Members of the First Home Buyers Club also receive invitations to free seminars that provide proven strategies to save your deposit faster. Seminars provided include experienced assessments of the property market, best suburbs for first home buyers and economic/property forecasts. Participants also receive invitations to seminars on Conveyancing, run by a professional property lawyer, and the importance of Pest and Building Inspections, run by a building company. Our own finance specialists provide financial seminars to assist first home buyers in getting their financials in order in preparation for a loan application.

    For more information and registration to the First Home Buyers Club, go to this link.