12 Feb, 2019
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Sharing with friends is a fantastic way to reduce living costs for individuals, however, when one of your friends is not putting in their two cents, your savings end up taking a beating.

Luckily, we are blessed with technology, allowing access to a few apps which can be downloaded to take the pain out of splitting the bills. A few of our favourites are;


This 99 cent app allows you to share costs and Itemize those costs, all in one app. If you have an iPhone and enjoy the company of your friends over a nice meal than this app will calculate what everyone owes for their own entrees, and split share items like appetizers and the vino (Wine).

Having access to an app than can split everyone’s own entrée and split the shared items means you don’t have to deal with certain friends, that choose to have a three course meal (when you only eat a salad) because the table has decided to split the bill evenly down the middle across everyone.

The other benefit is that the app can even send a copy of the split bill to the rest of group as a text or email, so that if you are ever out and someone says, “you owe me a drink because I paid for your lunch”. Well the bad news for them is that you now even have written proof.

Bank of Me

While we are the topic of keeping track of what you friends owe you, sure sometimes you front your friends $20, in exchange for the “you get this one, and I’ll get the next one”. Well now 99 cent app allows you to have a record of all the favours, meals or drinks that your bestie have promised you.

Introducing the bank of me, which allows you to keep a running balance of who owes you what, and even goes to the point where it integrates with your contacts to send receipts and reminders to your friends.

Now you can track how good of friend you have by seeing if they do actually repay the favour.


Available for both Apple and Android, which allows for easy transfers. It is particularly ideal if you’re frequently sharing expense with someone, like your roomie. Splitwise keep a running total of who woes who want – from anywhere from the last three grocery runs to he Friday night bevs at the local that your roomie sprung for.

When you are ready to settle your debts all that is required is a simple PayPal transfer.


The perfect app to simply snap and split. You don’t even need to type, it is as simple as taking a photo of the bill, then dragging each item to the person who is paying for it, and ‘Bobs your uncle’! Divvy is only 99 cents to download.


If you find yourself constantly being the one who organises group trips, or group birthday presents or group vacations with the plan of everyone paying you back later, but they can take too long. Then this free app is for you. This app will allow you to keep track all of what is owed, and by whom, and will allow you to send reminders to your friends about what’s owed, as well as lets you send money requests at any time.

These are just 5 top apps to keep a track on your expenses. Whether you are trying to save for a deposit or wanting to keep track of where your money goes. For 99 cents you can easily split bills, track what is owed to you, and even keep your friends modest by being able to track if they did actually pay for that lunch that they promised you.

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